Hardware consumer demand revolution, antimicrobial technology into industry Difficulties

2016/1/30 10:39:26
Some people say, "innovative hardware technology, the industry is a history of the development." All along, the hardware technology as the consumer "taste" constantly changes, daily hardware from traditional mechanical energy saving hardware to decorative hardware, to the special features, as well as previously wildly popular Vogue intelligent hardware ( IOT), hardware technology driven consumer demand, innovation and development.

However, with environmental problems and focus healthy home life, such as air conditioning, purifier industry has started a comprehensive "Healthy war", including Gree, Midea, Zhi Gao, Kelon and other manufacturers have introduced antibacterial air conditioner with a health function, "oxygen bar sterilization light", "overall sterilization", "health ABC fresh antibacterial system"; plus the popular Philip air purifiers, as well as by the media stir millet air purifier, and a refrigerator smart toilet areas continue to unfold all kinds of health "drama", health products has become a mainstream trend of home life.

So, who can carry China's hardware industry, "antibacterial" banner? Industry experts in an interview with reporters, said China has embarked on the intelligent hardware products humane path of development, but countries as early as the middle and low product transfer to the third world, China's hardware industry wants to breaking, it is necessary to overcome the high value-added the "antibacterial" hardware products, in order to win broader "healthy economy" market.

At the same time, domestic consumers are demanding healthy home, it can help "Forced" antibacterial metal products rapidly. According to a medical research survey data, razors, blankets, first-class locks in our daily lives the most common thing, surface attached yellow staphylococcus, E. coli and other bacteria up to 84 000, while the pathogenic E. coli into the human body more than 1000 people can be infected. Therefore, the health inspection department to check food, beverages, medicines, water, etc., are by the number of E. coli to determine whether the degree of bacterial contamination and pollution as an important indicator.

(Home environment common E. coli)

Therefore, once the hardware product has anti-bacterial technologies are overcome, it will help enhance the core competitiveness of China's hardware products and related extension products in the field. In fact, as the home environment essential hardware, the future size of the market will be extremely huge antimicrobial metal; the "fame" antibacterial appliances, for example, the current penetration rate in antibacterial household appliances is very high in Japan and other developed countries, Japan early in the early 1990s introduced antimicrobial refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances antibacterial, antimicrobial currently accounts for appliances appliance market share of more than 50%; Japan antibacterial plastic is used in an amount more than 1.5 million tons per year. Therefore, antimicrobial refrigerators, washing machines anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial air conditioning, antibacterial cleaners and other products with the same functions, and more frequent use of antibacterial metal products, once the technical difficulties to be overcome, it is in China and the world brought about by the market potential will be very huge.

Intelligent hardware can usher in "antibacterial" revolution?

In fact, as early as 2008, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine has issued the technology to implement a series of standard appliances antibacterial, sterilization, antimicrobial technology is spotted in the appliance industry, "better career prospects", GB was able to continue Implement. In addition, even have plastic "antibacterial" function, the demand in our country has reached 15 million tons / year. Thus, "Once antibacterial hardware industry to overcome technical problems, the estimated annual demand growth will reach 20% or more." An industry source said.

The question now is: who can carry China's hardware industry, "antibacterial" banner for the consumers' health hardware needs?